PM Tsipras: We are before the largest people’s displacement since WWII

We are experiencing a huge humanitarian crisis, we are before the largest people’s displacement since WWII, and all this movement passes through our country, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras noting that we must deal with the issue without surrendering in the barbarous populism of the violence and the illegal repatriation.

Addresing the Greek parliament on Friday at the “Hour of the Prime Minister,” Tsipras answering to a Centrists Union leader Vassilis Leventis’ timely question referred to a ‘policy of humanism and solidarity’ according to the rules of the international Law.

Leventis claimed that the government improvises and this will cost. There is no programme for the accomodation and management of the thousands of migrants that enter into the country and referred to “a fiasco” with Frontex.