PM Tsipras: We are close to an exit from the crisis

“The total benefits from the first year of operation of the connection of the Cyclades islands [to the mainland power grid] will reach 80 million euros, while the corresponding cost of charges for the use of the new system will be very low, so consumers throughout the country will soon see significant reductions in their electricity bills,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Monday from Syros, during his speech at the official inauguration of the project linking the Cyclades islands with mainland Greece.

“We are close to an exit from the crisis, we will make it happen,” the prime minister underlined.

“I truly believe that after eight years of great hardship, we can be optimistic. Today is a day of optimism,” he said and added: “We are exiting the crisis, we are working to create new jobs, we are working for equitable growth that will be distributed fairly among our people and not confined to an elite that has for years ‘skimmed off the cream’ …. We are close to an exit from the crisis, we will make it happen by working all together in the effort to raise our country a little higher.”