PM Tsipras: Government’s first priority is the battle for every day life

Government’s first priority is the battle for every day life and for this reason a new ministry is formed headed by State Minister Alekos Flambouraris, stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday addressing the new cabinet after the government’s reshuffle on Friday.

In parallel he gave the signal for in schedule completion of the review with aim this government to be the government that will get the country out of the crisis and not another government of the crisis. Our major national target is the restoration of labour””, said Tsipras and made a special reference to the new Labour Minister Efi Achtsioglou and underlined the collective goal which is the country’s exit from the crisis and made clear that nobody’s seat has his name on.

Referring to US president Barack Obama’s visit to Athens he underlined that the country’s image abroad has changed in the last year and asked from his ministers to keep on mind that this government will never be accepted by the old system and accused main opposition New Democracy (ND) that it violates the Constitution and asked from ND to contribute in the establishment of the new board of the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV).
Tsipras said that “it is time to turn page” and asked from the Cabinet members to make it their own vision, their personal ambition this government to get the country out of the crisis. “The citizens must feel that our first priority is the every day life, their every day struggle to live with dignity” adding that “the battle of the political authority is always judged in the field of every day life”.

For this reason we form a new special ministry on everyday life issues that will be responsible to deal with the citizens’ support who are having problems with the public administration. For the first time a minister will be responsible to deal with the citizens’ complaints and requests, he said.

Tsipras pointed out that the turning of page has intermediate stops “the on time and without discounts and useless delays closing of the second review”, from 5 December’s Eurogroup with the start of the discussion on the debt relief and in the first quarter of 2017 the accession of the Greek bonds in ECB’s quantitative easing programme. “and this will open the way to restore the on time accession to the international markets, to open a new clear 10-year corridor and to restore the investors’ trust” and for this reason he asked for the ministers to work hard night and day.

Referring to the major national target he said that it should be the restoration of labour adding that the government aims to approach the European unemployment average rate until 2012 and with perspective to be reduced to 10 percent.

Finally, he referred to the recent optimistic messages from the Greek economy. “The third quarter of 2016 has closed positively and we passed from a long recession period to positive rates. We also have positive news from the fiscal issues. We are on an outperforming course and we will meet the programme’s targets for second consecutive year and this is the result of 2015 negotiation that reduced the primary surpluses targets as well as the result of the performance of the tax mechanisms. “The relevant report closed with stable de-escalation of the unemployment” despite the fact that it (unemployment) remains extremely high but during our governance it has declined by 4 percent” concluded Tsipras.