PM Tsipras: We are closing the painful circle of guardianship

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras vowed to help those most affected by six years of harsh austerity in Greece in an article which will be published in newspaper “Efimeritha ton Syntakton” on Saturday.

“We cannot and will not leave behind those hit the hardest by the six years of crisis and harsh austerity,” Tsipras writes in his article titled “With steady steps for [economic] recovery and democracy”.

“History never remembers the Left when times are easy, but when someone has to do the dirty work,” he says. “If some people are impressed by the government’s resilience, it is simply because they do not comprehend the close, historic relationship between society and the Left in this country. Because they were used to treating the most vulnerable groups as subservient clients and be accountable only to the special interests.”

The prime minister then says the government’s power derives from the people’s trust. “With this strength, we proceed with steady steps towards our goals. We are closing the painful circle of guardianship and we are opening a new page for the country,” he concludes.