PM Tsipras: We have paved the way in order for the program review to be completed on time


“We have paved the way in order for the program review to be completed on time,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday said during a cabinet meeting.

He underlined that the agreement is met in full with priority given on the protection of the weakest citizens. “We are waiting for the institutions to recognise it,” he said.

Tsipras also said that Greek islands are plagued by the refugee crisis adding that “the majority of the Greeks give an example of humanity worldwide. And this is happening in a Europe which seems to be in an awkward and bewildered position.”

“Europe is in a vortex of multiple and parallel crises,” the Greek prime minister noted stressing the importance of constant vigilance, perseverance and patience in order for Greece to cope with this.

He also confirmed that Greece will meet its commitments for the creation of refugees reception centres by next week. We are waiting from the creditors to do the same, because agreements cannot be “a la carte,” he underlined.

“Despite its economic difficulties, Greece turns into what it ought to be thanks to its geographical position, a country-bridge between West and East,” he added referring to the relations with Palestine, his visit to Iran during which important steps were taken towards the deepening of the two countries’ relations.

On the Cyprus issue, he said that the strategic aim is to find a solution on the basis of UN resolutions and stressed that the government is fighting for a just solution that starts from the withdrawal of the occupation troops from the island.