PM Tsipras: We now start the implementation of the our strategic planning

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras referred to a technical staff agreement balanced and sustainable, addressing the Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

He noted however that this (agreement) is part of a framework we are struggling to disengage and in this context “the lenders are not our friends…our fundamental target is to get the country out of the memoranda. The period of the humiliating surveillance to finally end” said Tsipras.

This difficult political choice is the ticket to exit from the surveillance and the era of the memoranda, said the Greek prime minister and explained “the technical staff agreement is the first decisive step to close immediately all the important pending issues, with first and most important the debt issue because without solution there will be no measures. The mid-term measures for the debt must have been described in detail until the Eurogroup meeting on 22 May”.

The conclusion of the review closes an important round of our governance, said Tsipras and explained that now the government’s work can’t be delayed “the day after the official completion of the review we will start the implementation of our strategic planning with is based on a six-year perspective” he said adding that “The main and most important issue of the next period is the increase of the job positions and the gradual reduction of the unemployment with target to reach EU’s average in the next five years”.