PM Tsipras: We protect labour rights and deal effectively with undeclared employment

“We protect labour rights and we deal effectively with undeclared and unpaid employment,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras posted on his Twitter account and his website ( on Tuesday.

On his website, the prime minister also listed a series of initiatives taken to reduce labour market law violations. These included the upgrading of the Labour Inspection Corps and its reinforcement with additional staff, a new IT system and the extension of an offenders’ register, targeted audits in sectors with high rates of labour law violations, upgrading services providing information and legal advice, the coordination and joint action of control mechanisms, and the establishment of a specific department to combat undeclared work.

In his post, Tsipras also underlined:

– For the first time, a state of lawlessness is being brought to a close with measures imposing high fines on companies that previously enjoyed immunity while violating labour law.

– Laws on overtime are being implemented.

– Employees are protected from being forced into sham “voluntary retirement”.

“The result is that undeclared work has fallen to 13.58 pct from 19.17 pct in 2014, while employees were paid more than 24 million euros from accrued debts,” Tsipras underlined.