PM Tsipras: We restore the university asylum; we are not afraid of the students movement

We must safeguard the free access to all ideas and expressions in the universities with respect to the democratic procedures.

The only way to solve the problem is dialogue in the universities and not police interventions that remind us of other periods, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday to the parliament plenum during the debate on the draft law “Organisation and operation of the higher education”.

We are not afraid of the students movement. We restore the asylum for the free access to all ideas in the universities provided they respect the democratic freedoms, underlined Tsipras.

Referring to the post-graduate courses fees, Tsipras said that the government puts a halt to the very high tuition fees that increase the income of a small group of professors and on the other hand exclude the possibility to students with low family income to attend the courses. No student will be excluded if he can’t pay.

We also abolish the Administration Committees and restore the democracy and the universities self-governing, said Tsipras