PM Tsipras: We want a solution that will be viable

The differences between the political forces are natural to exist in a real Democracy, but in major issues, as the national issues, the broader possible consensus is needed because Greece will be stronger at negotiation level, noted President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos during his meeting on Saturday with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who briefed him on the latest developments on the FYROM name issue.

On his part, Tsipras said that we are at a crucial stage in the negotiations with FYROM over the reaching of a mutually accepted solution.

He noted that we defend a line which has been formed for over two decades and is supported by the majority of the political forces, not all, but of the majority, mostly those that have, in the past, dealt with crucial national issues. “We want to have a solution that will be viable”.

We defend the main aspects of the national line in detail that it is a mutually accepted compound name that will be erga omnes, (used inside and outside the country). This of course requires the review of FYROM’s constitution and change of its constitutional name which will lead to guarantees for the abolition of any kind of irredentism in order the obstacles between the two neighbouring countries to disappear, stated Tsipras.

The prime minister said to Pavlopoulos that it is not an easy case. We are dealing with it with responsibility and I want to inform you that I am open for the direct and sincere information to all the political forces of the country, because I believe that in crucial national matters it necessary to try to have the best possible consensus and understanding in order the solutions to stand the test of time.