Tsipras: Greece already counts 100 days without memoranda

“Greece already counts the first 100 days without memoranda. The first really our 100 days. The days, that would never see the daylight in a country condemned to live in endless austerity, are here” said Prime Minister and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras opening the works of SYRIZA Central Committee meeting on Saturday in Athens.

“None of those we are legislating this period and those we will legislate in the next period for the support of the social majority was inevitable to happen. None of those would be applied without SYRIZA and the left” he noted.

Tsipras said that his government’s priority is the world of labour, the unemployed, the socially excluded, the pensioners and the small and medium sized enterprises and noted that “on this basis gets a special form the political dilemma of the general elections in October 2019” adding that SYRIZA and main opposition New Democracy (ND) are divided by ideological, political but also programme abyss.

“Our government not only was able to complete the historic mission to get the country out of the memoranda, it also proceeded with courage in resolving historic pending issues, because Greece needed and needs huge institutional and political changes” Prime Minister said.

He referred to the revision of the Constitution and the streamlining of the relations between the State and the Church. “We made a first historic step for the agreement. We were aware of the hurdles but we will not retreat, we will proceed to this historic step”.

Tsipras also referred to the Prespes Agreement saying that the government is proud for it. “We are determined to conclude it” he said adding that the extreme voices are those that want the Balkans of hatred not the Balkans of co-development and cooperation. “We are and will always be politically, socially and ideologically against any fascist, any extreme-rightist and obscurantist”.

He noted that the new generation is a crucial factor in this open battle underlining that is “a very serious issue that our schools are being contaminated by the poison of fascism and of the extreme right. “We will not grant the youth of our country to the vandals of this country’s history” said Tsipras and urged all those that took part in schools’ sit-ins “motivated by the extreme right to study the history of the country”.

He called on the teachers to encourage the students to discuss and learn the history of this country “To see who, in the name of Greece, betrayed Cyprus and understand who today, in the name of Greece, want to sow division and hatred against neighbouring countries”.