PM Tsipras:The demographic problem is an issue of overall strategy

The demographic problem is a problem that does not only concern the present and immediate future, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday in parliament, adding that the results of any policies adopted will become apparent over time.

Tsipras said it was positive that the report of the relevant committee was almost unanimous.

“The demographic problem is not an isolated issue….it is an issue of overall strategy. It is a consequence of how we choose to organise our society,” Tsipras said.

He explained it depends on whether a model of social reproduction is adopted where population growth is the logical consequence of improved living conditions for the majority of society, or whether, on the contrary, the model chosen considers appropriate a mode of social reproduction that views the consequence of population decline as a small insignificant detail in comparison with the prosperity of a social minority, who may enjoy privileges and wealth.