PM’s advisor Diakopoulos sees tension with Turkey de-escalating

The Prime Minister’s Advisor for National Security Issues, Alexandros Diakopoulos, in an interview with Skai TV on Friday, estimated that the situation with Turkey seems to be de-escalating and that a hot episode will be avoided.
“As long as a Navtex is in force and as long as the Turkish ships have not returned to their bases clearly we are on alert,” he noted. “I personally do not expect an escalation or anything worse [..] The situation is tending to de-escalate. There is no evidence that it is going to escalate. As long as the Turkish fleet remains in the Aegean, we will be present,” he underlined.
“From 2019, I have reiterated that there will be no hot episode. Greece is a strong country, it is a country in the EU and NATO, it is a country with strong relationships and alliances at an international level, it is a country that despite the 10-year crisis maintains a strong deterrent force and highly specialised armed forces. It is not easy to bully it and succeed,” he added.
He pointed out that this de-escalation was achieved by a combination of political international pressures and reactions and the determination of Greece.
He added that Greece showed determination by immediately issuing its own counter-Navtex cancelling that of Turkey and by the swift response of its armed forces. “At the end of July, at a time of vacation leave, all our ships came out and this shows the readiness of the armed forces and an organised state, which responds.”
Diakopoulos described as “sad” and incomprehensible “the decision of the Turkish president to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque” and noted that it embarrasses Turkey.