PMs office: Decisions of Greek Justice are self-evidently binding

The separation of powers is enshrined in the Greek Constitution and court decisions are binding for the government, the prime minister’s office said in a press release on Friday, responding to Thursday’s ruling of the Supreme Court which turned down Turkey’s request to extradite eight servicemen.\

“The Greek government immediately condemned unequivocally the coup attempt [in Turkey] and supported the democratically elected government, as well as the compliance with constitutional legality in our neighboring country,” the office said.

“We stress today as we did then that those responsible for the coup are not welcome in our country. At any case, Greece respects the rule of law and the principle of the separation of powers is constitutionally guaranteed and undisputed – including all the international conventions that bind the country. Within Greece, the only authority responsible for the relevant judgments is the independent Greek Justice, whose decisions are self-evidently binding,” it added.