PM’s office: Turkey must immediately return the two Greek soldiers

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ press office asked on Monday for the immediate return of the two Greek soldiers detained in a Turkish jail.

According to the announcement, any reference to the exchange of the two Greek soldiers with the eight Turkish servicemen, who fled to Greece and applied for asylum following the attempted coup in Turkey, is unacceptable.

“From yesterday’s statements by the Turkish president, we are keeping the positive part. A turn to peace in the Aegean and support for dialogue between the two countries in important sectors including the security issue. However, we are waiting for this to be proved in practice with a change in the provocative Turkish attitude in the Aegean,” the announcement said.

“The position of Greece and of the EU as a whole is clear and firm about the need for the immediate return of the two Greek soldiers, without unacceptable exchanges and conditions,” it added.