PM’s press office: ND’s proposed law seeks to prevent any tender for television licences

The proposed legislation unveiled by main opposition New Democracy seeks to prevent any kind of tender process for issuing television licences, the prime minister’s press office said in an announcement on Monday.

At the same time, ND’s leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis “has discovered an ‘undermining of democratic institutions’ and wants the government to fall,” it added.

“The masks have fallen. At a time when the country in the midst of a critical phase of the negotiations for the second review and the debt, ND and Mr. Mitsotakis are openly seeking destabilisation. And they are doing this in order to defend a closed cartel of channel owners, to prevent any prospect of a tender and avert that which has not happened in the last 27 years: to protect the public interest in the broadcasting sector at the expense of intertwined interests.

“From the first moment of his election, Mitsotakis has been paying off debts to corruption. And he can no longer hide this even on the level of pretexts,” the PM’s office concluded.