Police announce traffic restrictions and road closures in Athens for Saturday rallies

Police announced traffic restrictions and road closures for central Athens on Saturday due to protest rallies organized by opposing groups.

An antifascist rally will be held at Rigillis Square (18:00) and followed by a march towards the main offices of extreme-right Golden Dawn party on 131 Messoghion Avenue. Golden Dawn members will gather at the party’s headquarters, also on Saturday afternoon (18:00), on the anniversary of the crisis at the islet of Imia in 1996.

The traffic restrictions will be implemented gradually from 18:00 onwards, depending on the conditions. The roads that will be mostly affected are sections of Messoghion Avenue, Vassilisis Sofias Avenue, Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue, Vassilisis Amalias Avenue, Kifissias Avenue, Katehaki, Mihalakopoulou, Fedippidou and Rigillis Street.