Police are investigating the case of a body found in a freezer in an apartment in Athens

Greek Police are investigating the case of a body found on Tuesday in a freezer in an apartment at the Athens district of Kallithea.

The body, which belongs to a 65-year-old pensioner, was found with hands and feet bound and the mouth sealed with tape. Police also found bloodstains in the freezer.

According to the coroner, the body was in the freezer for approximately one year, during which time the victim’s brother had reported the man’s disappearance.

The police investigation mainly focuses on a 45-year-old Bulgarian national with whom the victim lived and had a child. A few days before the pensioner’s disappearance the woman had left with her child for Bulgaria and did not return to Greece.

Police have sent a message to Interpol in order to locate the suspect in Bulgaria. The body was found by a bailiff who went to hand over a foreclosure warrant to the Bulgarian who had declared the specific apartment as her residence. The bailiff, according to information, found the door of the apartment open and entered the house where he then discovered the body and called the police.