Police arrest 72-year-old for practicing shooting on his balcony

Police arrested on Tuesday a 72-year-old man who was practicing shooting with a .22 pistol on his balcony in Piraeus and hiding an arsenal in his house.

According to police, the man had hanged a wooden surface on the balcony railing for target practice and one bullet from the gun had hit the partition glass of the adjoining apartment.

Searching the suspect’s home, police found and seized four pistols, one handgun, 19 single and double barrel hunting rifles, two shotguns, twenty gun licenses, one pistol silencer, 639 firearm cartridges, 107 rifle cartridges, twenty-four shells, one sword, one ax, an electric discharger, six magazines, eleven knives. They also found 500 euros and 294 dollars in cash, as well as 47 golden pounds.