Police arrest four Afghanis for the murder of a compatriot on Lesvos island

Police arrested four Afghan migrants, aged 18 to 29, for the murder of a 28-year-old fellow Afghan who lived on Lesvos island and arranged short-term jobs for compatriots housed at the Moria migrant and refugee hotspot.

Two more Afghanis are also sought on murder charges.

The 28-year-old (known as “Habibi”) lived at Pamfyla, four kilometers from the Moria hotspot, under a legal residence permit. The six men went to his home and killed him on Sunday night.

Habibi hired fellow-Afganis from Moria to work at Greek farms and put them up at houses he rented in Pamfyla. Locals said that at least 30 migrants, both documented and not, lived in Pamfyla houses, some in a building in the courtyard of a church.

A resident of the town said that Habibi would contract the migrants as laborers for 25 euros a day for local work like olive harvesting. He would pay a migrant 10 euros and keep the rest as commission and for room and board. “He was to be found at kafeneia (local cafes) with two or three cellphones, calling people for work,” the resident said, speaking to Athens-Macedonian Agency (ANA) anonymously. “He
himself, he never worked – this was his job,” he added.

Habibi had completed a jail sentence a few months ago for illegal paid transport of migrants and refugees from northern Lesvos to Mytilini, in the summer of 2015.