Police arrest man who threw policeman off motorcycle

The man who allegedly threw a policeman off his motorcycle, which resulted in the latter’s being beaten up during incidents at a rally in Nea Smirni on Tuesday, was arrested by police on Wednesday.

Sixteen people arrested during the violent incidents in Nea Smyrni will face serious charges, including a charge of attempted murder for the man that attacked a police officer, according to a police announcement on Wednesday. The announcement said the attempted murder charge has been drawn up against a young man identified as part of the group that seriously injured a 29-year-old officer at the junction of Agia Fotini and Nikolaou Plastira streets.

The others will face charges as accessories to attempted murder, inflicting bodily harm, joint attempt to inflict grievous bodily harm, attempted bodily harm as a group and violence targeting law enforcement and judicial officials, disturbing the peace, arson that endangered people, causing dangerous explosions, construction and possession of explosives, verbal abuse, damage to property and violating laws on arms, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices and violating measures against the spread of diseases.

The suspects under arrest will be led before an Athens public prosecutor on Wednesday.