Police arrest three after high-speed car chase, confiscate 1.5 kilos heroin

Police in Preveza on Friday morning arrested three men following a high-speed car chase and after finding roughly 1.5 kilos of heroin once the vehicle was immobilised.

The driver had earlier failed to comply with a signal to pull over at a police road block at Gorgomylos, on the Ionian highway, and had instead picked up speed in an attempt to get away.

When police finally stopped the vehicle, one of the occupants attempted to flee on foot and throw away the drugs, which were wrapped up in three packages. In a subsequent search, police found and confiscated 1.511 kilos of heroin, a small quantity of cocaine, 800 euros, 7,000 Albanian lek and five mobile phones. They also confiscated the car that was used to transport the drugs and arrested the 53-year-old driver and his two passengers, a 39-year-old Greek and a 45-year-old Albanian national.

The three men will be led before a public prosecutor while an investigation will be carried out by the Preveza police.