Police Directorate bans gatherings, marches in Exarchia and Kolonaki on Thursday to avoid tensions

The General Police Directorate (GADA) banned all public meetings and marches in Exarchia and Kolonaki for Thursday, when Greece’s police union and anarchists had planned rallies and gatherings in the respective neighbourhoods, citing security reasons.

The announcement came after police union POASY said it would hold an event on Exarchia square to discuss “blind violence against citizens and police officers” and a later announcement by anarchists that they will hold a meeting in Kolonaki, an upmarket district close to Exarchia, to discuss police violence and “state repression”.

It also warned that those who disregard the ban “will be dealt with by any legal means” and participants will be prosecuted for violating the relevant law on gatherings.

The ban kicks in at 06:00 on Thursday and ends at midnight. Earlier, POASY had said it would go ahead with its gathering unless GADA would issue a ban.