Police examining makeshift explosive device attached to German pensioners’ motorhome

A makeshift explosive device discovered attached to the motorhome of two German pensioners holidaying in Greece was on Thursday sent to a police forensics laboratory for further examination. Bomb disposal experts removed the device from the Platanos service station where the couple had parked, off the Egnatia highway at Kleidi in Imathia, but have no clue who put it there or why.

According to sources, the device was found attached to the rear left axle of the vehicle by the owner, who had examined the wheel because he had a flat tyre. Suspecting that it was some form of incendiary device, he had called the police.

Bomb disposal experts arrived on the scene, removed the device and confirmed his suspicions.

In his statement to police, the German pensioner said that he was in Greece on holiday with his 64-year-old wife, having arrived in the country on Tuesday via the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

They first made their way to Sithonia, Chalkidiki, where they stayed for one night, and then set off for Thesprotia, parking in the service station to spend the night on Wednesday.
Police have launched an investigation into the case.