Police find second hideout rented by terror suspect

Greece’s counter-terrorism squad on Tuesday reported the discovery of a second hideout rented by 29-year old Constantinos Yiatzoglou, who was arrested last Saturday as a suspect for the dispatch of booby-trapped letter to former Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos and letter bombs sent to EU officials earlier this year.

Papademos was seriously injured in the thigh and torso on May 25 when he opened a letter bomb in his car while two more people also suffered lighter injuries. He was hospitalised for over a month.

In March a parcel bomb sent to former German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was intercepted by his office’s mail department, but a separate letter addressed to the International Monetary Fund in Paris exploded, slightly injuring an employee. After the incidents, Greek police intercepted eight more suspect packages at an Athens postal centre.

The terror group Conspiracy of Fire Cells claimed responsibility for the attack against Schaeuble but not for the attacks against the IMF and Papademos.

Police said that Yiatzoglou had rented the apartment via the internet for five days and particularly for the period 26 to 31 October 2017.

In a raid on the flat, police found a laptop, a cellphone and clothing.

The police officers believe that the suspect rented the apartment to transfer the weapons and other objects found in his possession from the hideout in Alkamenous street in central Athens where he was arrested.

The finds were sent to a police forensics lab for examination. The investigation continues.