Police matches DNA evidence with parcel bomb suspect, who testifies before prosecutor

Greek Police said on Tuesday it had linked genetic evidence found on objects carried by a 29-year-old suspect with DNA material collected from a parcel bomb sent to former prime minister Lucas Papademos on May 25.

The police said it also matched the material with one of eight parcels found on March 20 at the Greek post office’s sorting center in Kryoneri, a suburb north of Athens. The eight parcels were addressed to
European and international organization officers.

The man, who was arrested on Saturday in connection to the letter bomb attack againist Papademos, will testify at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday before an investigative prosecutor specializing in counterterrorism issues.

The prosecutor requested DNA samples of the young man, while his defence lawyers requested five days to find a related specialist. They also requested that their client not be forced to give samples before the five days have elapsed.

In addition, on Wednesday at 12:00 the man, who denies any relation to the Conspiracy of Fire Cells terrorist group, will testify before an investigative prosecutor on evidence found the day he was arrested.