Police to look for further clues to identify human skeleton found in Malia, Crete

Police and a coroner are to return to a site where a human skeleton was found in Malia, Crete on Monday, in order to search for further evidence to help identify the remains.

The official results of a DNA test on the skeleton are due at the end of this week or early next week, sources said. Based on the findings, authorities will be able to confirm or rule out whether the skeleton found belongs to

British tourist Steven Cook, who vanished without a trace while holidaying in Malia in September 2005.
Cook’s family has been informed of the latest development and have been asked to supply a DNA sample that will be used to help identify the bones.

The human skeleton was discovered at the bottom of a well in the coastal town of Malia, eastern Crete last Thursday. A leather belt and a camera were found next to it.