Police union criticizes government for using them in foreclosure auctions

The union of police officers criticized the government on Tuesday for using policemen in foreclosure auctions, saying that protecting notaries while they are implementing such negative policies creates tensions between police and the public.

‘While the government supposedly cares about improving police’s good relations with the public, it allows the creation of tense situations, with everything this implies for the physical integrity of both citizens and police officers, as we have already seen with the injuries in specific incidents, when safety measures had supposedly been taken,” the union said in a press release.

It also said that questions are raised about the orders to protect notaries’ offices, which means that police forces will be discarded on a daily basis and will not be sufficient police protection in the streets, thus undermining security.

“It raises the question of whether the government wants the police in the service of citizens, or to use it as free security services,” the union said.