Political parties state their positions on Novartis case during debate in parliament

Parliament debate continued on Wednesday prior to a vote late at night on whether ten politicians should be individually investigated by a parliamentary committee in relation to the Novartis case on alleged bribery and money laundering. Rapporteurs clarified in Parliament on Wednesday their party’s positions.

Chryssi Avgi criticised both ruling SYRIZA and main opposition New Democracy, charging the latter with asking for a single ballot for all ten politicians – two former prime ministers and eight former ministers, five of whom are currently deputies – because it cannot present a united front.

“Τhe Novartis case must be investigated until the very end. The hood must be removed, the witnesses must be summoned,” Communist Party (KKE) deputy Thanassis Pafilis said. He added that the Greek people must learn that “medicine is part of the market price games and their lives are in the hands of multinational companies.”

On their part, Independent Greeks (ANEL) said that they agree with the parliament presidents’ decision to use ten separate ballots instead of a single one listing all ten named politicians.

The Union of Centrists objected to the denigration of protected witnesses as “hooded persons” and expressed the opinion that their time will come to reveal themselves and speak. “We want everything to come in the open,” said Union of Centrists deputy Marios Georgiadis, adding that there should be two ballots, one for whether the committee should be set up or not and another for all ten politicians.

Potami party deputy Giorgos Amyras said that the top priority is the investigation into the pharmaceutical expenses and the possible liability of political persons, and proposed one ballot for the setting up of a preliminary examination committee which, if voted, will have complete authority to investigate the offences and the persons involved.