New political party from former PM George Papandreou

The speech of former Greek prime minister George Papandreou during the inaugural Democrat Socialists’ Movement’s party meeting on Saturday started with the slogan “Let’s go” and “We’ll write history”, amid cheering. According to the organisers, participation exceeded every expectation.

Papandreou set the tone for the new party from the beginning, noting that the basic principle is humanism and a commitment to human dignity.

“We’re inspired by the values of political liberalism. Citizens must control the government; the power of law should override everything and not the law of the powerful. We’re inspired by the principles of socialism and our faith in Justice and the principles of ecology,” the former premier said.

Papandreou also said his party wants to express politically a social alliance between Justice and creativity. “This is the alliance we must forge.”

He said that in 2015, the post-dictatorship era ends in Greece and now the new struggle is to free democracy which has been imprisoned by economic and media interests which are supported by a clientelist state.