Poll: More Greeks want closer ties with Russia, China than US, Germany

More Greeks want closer collaboration with Russia and China than the United States and Germany, an opinion poll published on Sunday showed.

It is in Greece’s interest to develop closer ties with Russia, 47.5 percent of respondents in the survey carried out for Vima (Tribune) daily said.

According to the poll,conducted by polling firm Kappa Research, 39.5 percent of Greek people prefer closer ties with China.

A total of 36.5 percent of participants said they wanted deeper collaboration with the U.S. and 20 percent with Germany.

The survey was conducted on November 11 to 12 ahead of the visit of outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama to Athens.

Altogether 74 percent of respondents had a positive view of Obama, although 75.5 percent said that they did not expect that his visit will substantially help Greece tackle the debt crisis.

The 41.5 percent of Greeks said that the country should address its financial problems by itself, while 34 percent said that Greece should be relying mainly on the European Union(EU).

Asked to comment on Donald Trump’s winning of the recent U.S. presidential election, 78 percent of Greeks believes that during his term in office U.S.-EU relations will deteriorate, according to the poll.

Source: To Vima