Poll – Single-digit difference between ND and SYRIZA – What citizens say about the pandemic and inflation

Inflation and the pandemic create another scenario, with losses and serious messages to the ruling party, according to a PRORATA poll conducted from January 12 to 14 published by the iEidiseis website.

According to the findings of the poll, high prices(42%) and the pandemic (40%) emerge as the most basic problems of Greek society, with high prices even overcoming the pandemic, demoting it for the first time after about two and a half years from first place.

Citizens rate the government negatively in dealing with the pandemic (61% negatively and rather negatively, compared to 38% who characterize it as positive and rather positive).

On major issues that have arisen in terms of pandemic measures, they appear to disagree with existing measures in some cases. With the prescription of free tests, for example, 58% agree and consider it financially feasible, 28% agree but do not consider it financially feasible and only 8% disagree whether it is financially feasible or not.

Inflation is a major problem. Only 7% can pay their electricity, oil or gas bills without any problems, with 28% saying they can pay with some difficulty, 39% saying they can pay them with great difficulty and 24% saying they can not pay.

To the question “Based on your personal experience, which of the following applies to the prices of products in supermarkets compared to a year earlier?”, 41% answer that they have increased a lot, 38% enough and only 18 % that have increased slightly.

The intention to vote

In the new landscape that seems to be shaping the assessment of the voting intention, New Democracy leads with 32.5% against 25.5% of SYRIZA, with the ruling party losing another unit and SYRIZA gaining a corresponding percentage.

They are followed by the Movement for Change-KINAL with 12% (compared to 11.5% in mid-December), the communist party KKE with 4.5%, the Hellenic Solution with 3.5% and MERA25 with 2%.