Polytechnic Day march: Citizen Protection Minister thanks people, police for peaceful demonstration

A mass demonstration commemorating the 48 years since the Athens Polytechnic students’ uprising was completed on Wednesday evening.

The 1973 historic event helped destabilise and topple the military junta then ruling the country, thus contributing in the restoration of democracy.

“48 Novembers later, collective memory remains alive” was one of the maxims student unions chanted during the march, which included party and public bodies representatives, and people of all ages.

Demonstrators reached the US Embassy in the early evening, led by the Association of Imprisoned-Exiled Resistance Members 1967-1974 at the head of the rally.

“Events for the anniversary of November 17, 1973 throughout the country, with a focus on Athens, ended peacefully and in absolute calmness,” said Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos in a statement after rallies in Athens and elsewhere in the country wrapped up.

“I want to thank all the citizens, the participants in the march, and of course the forces of the Hellenic Police, whose professionalism contributed in maintaining order,” concluded the minister.