Potami leader says program review will close but cost of delays remains to be seen

Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis said on Monday the second program review will eventually close but when it does, it remains to be seen what Greece will have lost from the delays.

“The important thing is to see what we won and what we lost with the delays,” he told SKAI TV station.
Asked about Interior Minister Panos Skourletis’ call for an increased majority in the eventual vote of the measures in parliament, Theodorakis recalled his party had proposed setting up a national cross-party negotiating committee.

“We were willing to participate in it, but SYRIZA and ANEL said they would negotiate alone, so now they can vote for them [the measures] alone,” he said, adding that if the measures are submitted one by one, the party would examine them separately and vote accordingly. “If they bring them all together, there’s no way we will vote them,” he said.

Asked about MPs privileges, he said they shouldn’t enjoy special privileges and should be treated as normal citizens where it concerns taxation and additional perks.