Potami members condemnTheodorakis’ decisions and call for extraordinary party congress

Fifty-nine officials of the Potami party called in a statement for the convention of an extraordinary congress, stating that they disagree with the party president Stavros Theodorakis’ political selections, and also raised the issue of party leadership.

Theodorakis was one of nine candidates in elections on Sunday for leadership of a new centre-left party.

In a document entitled “Independent course of Potami-Congress now”, they stated, “It was Stavros Theodorakis’ totally personal decision to be a candidate for the leadership of the new party of the centre-left. He arbitrarily decided the suspension of the operation of Potami and its absorption into what he was struggling against, the old political system.” They said that Potami’s fate should be decided by all party members, “regardless of private agreements that were reached behind closed doors.”

The 59 also reaffirmed their commitment to Potami’s founding principles from 2014 “against the clientelist state, corruption and party politics.”