Potami MP says party will support positive measures in the draft bill

Potami’s rapporteur Giorgos Mavrotas said the party will approve any positive measures included in the government’s omnibus bill which is being debated in the parliamentary committees and is expected to be send to the plenum on Wednesday.

“We will support any positive [measures] in the draft bill,” he said, adding he is referring to the articles promoting transparency in the political parties’ finances, the lowering of VAT for agricultural supplies and the provision equating the taxation of lawmakers with that of citizens.

Mavrotas said he disagrees with the view that the new deal is a fourth bailout, noting that it is actually the perpetual adjustment program that has been imposed on Greece by its lenders who don’t trust the country and think that “if the memorandum expires in 2018, who will pull in the reins on them and make them implement reforms?”

“When someone is untrustworthy, you ask him for 10 things so that he will implement five,” he added.