Potami will support Prespes Agreement but not government, MEP Kyrkos says

The Potami party will vote for the Prespes Agreement if it comes to the Hellenic Parliament “as it was agreed” but it will not give a vote of confidence in the government, Potami MEP Miltos Kyrkos clarified in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) released on Sunday.

“We will not become [Independent Greeks party leader Panos Kammenos] in the place of Kammenos,” he added.

Speaking to the ANA shortly after his return from a European Parliament mission to Turkey, Kyrkos also referred to EU-Turkish relations, the role of the Left in Europe and his hopes that Potami will retain a strong presence in the next European Parliament elected in 2019.

Kyrkos expressed his opposition to a complete suspension of EU accession negotiations with Turkey, especially ahead of the political polarisation expected as a result of municipal elections in the neighbouring country, saying this would deprive Europe and especially Greece of “a tool of intervention”.

While the Greece-Cyprus-Israel trilateral alliance was very important and should become deeper, he noted, “it does not have deterrent power against Turkish aggressiveness”.

He highlighted the role that the forces of the Left can play, both because of their experience in government and because “no party can carry out the major reforms needed alone”.