Potami’s leader Stavros Theodorakis to resign as party leader

Stavros Theodorakis, leader of centrist party To Potami (The River), announced his intention to resign from the party’s leadership, and also proposed that Potami should not run in the upcoming national elections, at a party meeting on Tuesday evening.

Theodorakis said he will consider feedback from party members before reaching his final decision on whether the party should run on the July 7 snap elections, but clarified he will not be a candidate with any other party.

He also said he would support Giorgos Mavrotas as party leader.

Potami received a 1.51 pct on Sunday’s European ballot, failing to reach the 3 percent threshold, with 98,73 pct of the votes counted late evening Tuesday.

In the 2014 European Parliament election the party received 6.6% of the national vote in Greece.

The party had two MEPs in the European Parliament and holds five seats in the Greek Parliament.