PPC announces cheaper electricity rates for SMEs

Public Power Corporation (PPC) on Monday announced electricity rate increases up to 11 pct for household customers with electricity consumption of up to 800 kW over a four-month period and rate declines of up to 3.4 pct for small- and medium-sized enterprises, starting from July 25.

PPC, in an announcement, said that household rates with consumption higher than 800 kW, night discount rate and the social household rate will remain unchanged. PPC said its new electricity rate policy aimed to eradicate cross-subsidies policies. The increase in low consumption electricity rates covered around 2,160,000 homes, mostly holiday homes, while the trade weighed increase on electricity bills was 11.1 pct. On the other hand, electricity rate reductions will cover around 1.4 million small- and medium-sized enterprises, for a trade weighed decline of 3.4 pct on electricity bills.

PPC said these changes will have no impact on its results and underlined that energy cost in Greece remained one of the lowest in the European Union.