PPC funding antierosion and antiflooding works in N. Evia with 3 mln euros

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) will donate 3 million euros toward antierosion and antiflooding as well as reforestation works in northern Evia, which was devastated by large fires this month, the Environment & Energy Ministry announced on Tuesday.

PPC will grant the funds directly to local forestry cooperatives, and the focus will be on areas that need urgent protection.

The initiative came by Minister Kostas Skrekas, who said that PPC responded to the innovative institution of “reforestation adoption”.

PPC President and CEO Giorgos Stassis noted that PPC has placed climate crisis in its priorities for the coming years. The company, he added, will draw on its long action and experience in restoring and protecting the natural environment, while forestry cooperatives were chosen as recipients of the funds because they know local needs better than anyone else.