PPC Renewables to install 12 new wind farms with a total capacity of 31.8 MW

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) renewable energy subsidiary PPC Renewables on Monday announced plans for the installation of 12 new wind farms with a total capacity of 31.8 MW in Sitia, Evia and other Aegean islands.

The company unveiled the planned tender procedure on Monday for a 10-day period of public consultation.

PPC’s target is to increase its involvement in the renewable energy sources (RES) sector and make up for ground lost in previous years. Among the company’s planned investments are 11 small wind farms with a total capacity of 24.3 MW in Marmari, Evia (5.4 MW), Ikaria (0.9 MW), Karpathos (0.9 MW), Lesvos (2.7 MW), Limnos (0.9 MW), Samos (1.8 MW), Chios (2.7 MW and 0.9 MW), Psarra (1.8 MW), Mykonos (1.8 MW) and Tinos (4.5 MW). It will also invite offers for the planning, supply, transport, installation and operation of a wind farm with a total capacity of 7.5 MW in Sitia on Crete.

The planned tender procedure and the form for submitting comments and observations are available on the PPC Renewables website www.ppcr.gr