PPC seeks to develop renewable energy sources in Turkey

The management of PPC Renewables held a series of meetings with officials from PPC Elektrik -a subsidiary of PPC in Turkey- investment and construciton groups from Turkey and technical and financial advisors from the neighbouring country, to discuss the prospect of developing renewable energy source units in Turkey.

The meetings focused on the development of windpower and photovoltaic parks, hydroelectric stations and geotherman units. Geothermy is rapidly growing in Turkey in the last few years. Elias Monaholias, CEO in PPC Renewables, was appointed vice-president of the new board of PPC Elektrik, with the aim to coordinate activities.

Moinaholias said the goal was to focus and best possible opportunities for investments in renewable energy sources, the exchange of know-how and the penetration of PPC Renewables to new emerging markets.