PPC staff union GENOP confirms power shortages during strikes “but no blackouts”

Public Power Corporation staff union (GENOP) ruled out power blackouts during its upcoming strikes to protest the lignite units selloffs, its president Giorgos Adamidis said on Thursday.

“The purpose is to make the Greek people realize what’s going on. If there were no power shortage, our actions would be meaningless. Of course, we will not create a hardship for the Greek people. (…) The consumers will feel the strike, but not with blackouts,” Adamidis said, of the strikes that begin early on Monday.

GENOP will be holding rolling 48-hour strikes to protest the breakoff sales of PPC’s lignite units, one of Greece’s commitments to its creditors (institutions). A draft bill tabled in Parliament on Wednesday foresees the issuing of a call for tenders by the end of May for Megalopoli 3 and Megalopoli 4, both units in northern Greece’s Florina area, including the lignite mines supplying them.

Adamidis claimed that no buyers will be found, and if they are, staff will go on permanent strike. He was seconded by West Macedonia regional director Thodoros Karypidis, who said he would resign “if a buyer is brought in.”