PPC to buy EDS Group

Public Power Corporation on Thursday announced its was close to a deal to acquire EDS Group, a leading company in the electricity energy sector in FYROM. In an announcement, PPC said this initiative was a significant step towards expanding activities in the regional electricity energy market in the Balkans in the framework of an EU plan for the integration of the electricity energy market in Europe.

EDS, founded in 2012, has subsidiaries in Serbia, Slovakia and Kosovo. EDS is a member of the Hungarian Electricity Energy Exhange (HUPX) and owns electricity energy trading licenses in Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary. EDS offers electricity to large industries and enterprises in FYROM with a customer portfolio of 320 MW, or 40 pct of companies in the neighboring country (operating with more than 50 workers). EDS is strong activated in the retail energy market of Serbia with a customer portfolio of 100 MW in its first year of operation in the country.