PRAKSIS head Tzanetos Antypas passes away at 4

The founder and president of Greek NGO PRAKSIS Tzanetos Antypas died from cancer at the age of 47 on Tuesday, the organization announced.

Antypas was a trained social worker an activist with many years of experience in designing, managing and implementing humanitarian and development projects in Greece and abroad (Ethiopia, Armenia, Georgia, Zambia, Kosovo, Malawi, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, Turkey).

He started in 2000 as director of the Greek branch of “Doctors without Borders” and in 2004 he founded PRAKSIS. Through the NGO, Antypas and his team set up polyclinics, mobile clinics, mobile hepatitis C and HIV screening units and homeless day centers. PRAKSIS is staffed by 120 employees and 580 volunteers.

He was also a PhD candidate at Panteion University. In 2005, he received an honourable distinction from the then-President Karolos Papoulias for the work of PRAKSIS.

In a statement earlier today, Migration Policy Minister Yannis Mouzalas expressed his condolences to his family and spoke of Antypas’ efforts to help the weak and marginalized.

“We mourn the sudden death of a very important man in the humanitarian movement. Tzanetos Antypas knew how to turn social work and assistance towards the weak, the refugees and the migrants into action. My warmest condolences to his family,” the minister said.

His funeral will be held on Thursday (Feb. 16), at 15.30, at the Municipal Cemetery of Schisto.