Praktiker Hellas to invest 9.0 million euros in 2017

Praktiker Hellas will invest 9.0 million euros in 2017, two years after its purchase by Fairfax, the Canadian fund, while its medium-term plans envisage a further development of its network in more hub points around Greece.

Praktiker Hellas celebrates 25 years of presence in Greece this year, with a branch network of 15 units, a rapidly growing e-shop, a specialized B2B department, 1,400 workers and significant environmental and social actions.
Yiannis Selalmazidis, CEO of the company, told reporters that 2016 is very important year for everyone in Praktiker Hellas. “With completion of 25 years of presence in Greece, we are in a pleasant position to discuss of the company’s extremely positive financial and social print, particularly during the last few difficult years for the country. Our goal is to continue investing, keeping our values unchanged and achieving even more results for our customers, our workers and our shareholders”.

Praktiker Hellas launched a new unit in Rhodes and reported a turnover of 4.2 billion euros in the last 25 years. In 2015, turnover improved 3.8 pct to 167.01 million euros, compared with 2014, profits totaled 2.09 million euros, while job positions grew 7.0 pct. The company has zero debt.