President Pavlopoulos certain French people will honour their history on election day

President Prokopis Pavlopoulos expressed his certainty on Friday that the French people will honour their history, which links them to Europe, on election day, as he welcomed French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to the Presidential Mansion.

“I have no right to prejudge the outcome of the verdict of the French people. But as President of the Greek Republic […] I am certain that the French people will honour their history which is linked to Europe,” he said.

“The European edifice was based on the fact that France would be one of its main pillars. I am certain that the French people’s decision will prove it. Without France, the Eurozone would lose its identity and France its orientation,” he added.

On his side, Cazeneuve expressed certainty that Greece’s ongoing talks with its lenders will have a positive outcome. France will make every effort to assist in this goal, he added, which will be positive for both Greece and Europe.

Relations with the Greek government are very close and “will allow us to exit the crisis,” which is affecting the Eurozone in the past few years, as they are relations based on mutual trust and mutual demands, he continued.

Commenting on French domestic politics, he said the values and principles that inspire Europe arose from the Greek civilisation and are values that the two countries share. Cazeneuve also expressed his belief that France will prove stronger and will manage to overcome “the temptations and demagogic calls” for all kinds of populism and isolationism.

“We will give the electoral battle and I believe that in any case, France will be able to remain true to the essence, nature and ideals of European culture,” he noted.