President Pavlopoulos: Challenging the Lausanne Treaty is like challenging the EU borders

Challenging the Lausanne Treaty is like challenging the borders of Greece and the European Union, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said in Lisbon.

Pavlopoulos who is paying an official visit to Portugal made these statements at the official dinner hosted on his honour by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“As for our relations with Turkey and the Greek borders, with emphasis on the Aegean, the Treaty of Lausanne must, according to the international law, be respected by everyone.

This is even more important when it’s challenging leads to the challenging of the borders not only of Greece but of the European Union,” he underlined.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, he said that “this is an international and mostly a European issue and we are seeking a fair and viable solution as soon as possible.”

He also referred to the economic and refugee crisis. On the economic crisis, he said that through the increasing inequalities and rising unemployment – especially youth unemployment – the coherence of many European societies is tested. In order to deal with the economic crisis, he suggested the end of the current austerity policy that widens social inequalities and its replacement with an economic policy that will combat debt and deficits and achieve sustainable growth.

On the refugee issue, he said that all European citizens must assume their responsibilities and help the refugees in humanitarian terms and respect to the fundamental human rights.