President Pavlopoulos’ Christmas message to Greeks Abroad

President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos in his message to the Greeks abroad on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year underlined the Greeks Abroad solidarity to the struggles of the country, the people and the nation as well as their contribution to addressing the economic crisis.

Referring to the national issues, he analysed the Greek positions over the developments in the region and the role it claims in the European Union and sent a clear message to Turkey reiterating that Greece is in favour of Turkey’s European prospect but, on the absolutely inviolate rule of the total respect to the international and European law. However, he noted that Turkey itself undermines every aspect of its European prospect by directly and openly violating the international and European law.

In parallel, Pavlopoulos underlined that this year’s message includes special symbolisms, due to the concurrence and also due the iconic solidarity of the Greeks Abroad to our country during the last, crucial and difficult years of the deep social and economic crisis that plagued the country.

Pavlopoulos also pointed out the national effort, in conditions of solid unity, to draw a course to a future that we deserve, especially now that the horizon is more clear and promising -so promising that give us hope for the return of those who left, especially the young one, back to Greece.