President Pavlopoulos: European Union must become attractive again

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos during his meeting on Thursday with visiting Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszcykowski stressed the need for European Union to become attractive again and its foreign policy and defence to be strengthened.

Addressing the Polish official, Pavlopoulos underlined that Greece and Poland are cooperating within EU on common goals and mostly for a powerful, secure and developing Europe. “Europe must be strong and safe and for this reason we must promote the pylons of foreign policy and defence,” noted Pavlopoulos adding that the conflict in Syria highlighted how fragile are those pylons for Europe.

In parallel, he noted that we must address the refugees issue with humanism and solidarity and terrorism as an existing danger for Europe and for all the humanity.

On his part, Waszcykowski supported that cooperation among the European partners for the solution of the problems in EU and expressed Poland’s readiness to offer towards this direction.

However, he said that “we all face special threats and provocations” adding that in Poland “we have issued over one million visas to Ukrainian nationals and four thousand to Belarus nationals who have arrived and reside in Poland”.

He also pointed out that along with the refugees issue and the unsolved conflict between Ukraine and Russia we are
also called to deal with the Brexit.

“The Brexit was the result of a Europe that is no more attractive,” answered Pavlopoulos.