President Pavlopoulos: Greece and Greeks consistenty oriented toward European vision

Greece is determined to remain an irrevocable part of the European Union, and of its inner core the Eurozone, President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Saturday, in a statement after the military parade marking the start of Greece’s 1821 war of independence against Ottoman rule.

“We celebrate the nation’s uprising in 1821, while led to the ‘resurrection’ of our Nation and the creation of the modern Greek state. The unrivalled example of our ancestors, the freedom fighters of 1821, must inspire us and lead us in perpetuity. We Greeks, everywhere on Earth, have a sacred duty to forge an unbroken front of unanimous decision and share responsibility for teh defence of the homeland and the national interest,” Pavlopoulos said in his message for March 25th.

In a reference to the European summit in Rome, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the EU’s founding, Pavlopoulos also noted Greece’s steadfast dedication to Europe. “We have the right to remind our partners that our ancestors, shortly before the start of the national rebellion, addressed an appeal for the freedom of the Greeks to the peoples of Europe. This alone is enough to show how much Greece and the Greeks consistently oriented toward the European vision throughout history,” he noted.

“Greece has decided that it belongs finally and irrevocably to the European Union and to its inner core, the Eurozone. Greece cannot be conceived outside Europe but nor can Europe be what it was founded to be without Greece in its ranks,” Pavlopoulos said.